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A Dance in Bloom - Sponsor Recognition

June 16th, 2018 was a very successful day for CJT Dream Dance. A Dance in Bloom is a correlation of many dance groups, volunteers, CJT Dream Team, owners and artistic director ChunJou Tsai - Mia and most importantly our sponsors, the performance went splendidly. This blog seeks to dedicate recognition to our advertised sponsors and help. Thank you. After five years of teaching in the Greater Boston Area, ChunJou Tsai (Mia) was proud to present "A Dance in Bloom," her first evening-length performance dedicated to her students. In 2018, Mia had officially launched her studio brand, CJT Dream Dance. Bringing together all of her students, the performance was a culmination of her ongoing youth and adult classes, showcasing a wide variety of dance styles from Chinese dance to Contemporary to Hip-hop. In addition to celebrating the students of CJT Dream Dance, this performance was a fun and exciting opportunity for students to share the joy of dance with family and friends.

*Any specials or promotions in the video expired on June 16th, 2018.

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