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1. How do I sign up for class?

For new students, who have never danced with CJT in the past, you will be required to fill out and submit the online registration by clicking here. The form takes less than three minutes to complete and will ask some basic questions about your goals, and what class/es you wish to join! Hope to see you soon and welcome to CJT Dream Dance!


For current student, who have danced with CJT in the past, you will need to log into your CJT Member's Club page and complete three easy steps! You may also click here.

  1. Click/tap on "My Profile"

  2. Click/tap on "Sign Up"

  3. Fill out the simple form and submit.

    1. Please note that you will need your student ID, if you do not have it, please email and you will receive it immediately.

    2. You may also complete the form here

2. How do I refer a friend to CJT Dream Dance?

Referring a friend or family member to CJT Dream Dance is better than ever! This promotion will continue until otherwise noted, so take advantage while it's here!

Please click here to learn more about the promotion.

In order to be considered for award all parts of this application must be completed. Refer = Current customer or associated peer. Friend = Prospect/student/family who is being referred to us. Friend must remain a student for 3 classes before consideration. Award will be issued in the form of a class credit off of your next session. Valid only once per friend, is stackable. Ex. John refers friend: Adam. John gets $5 reward after 3 complete classes Adam attends. John refers friend: Julie. John gets award for Adam and Julie only once for $10. Maximum refer applications per calendar year (Jan - Dec) is 10 applications.

3. I have never danced before, what should I expect?

First, welcome to CJT Dream Dance! We are so excited to have you and if you need absolutely anything please let us know!

On the first day you should arrive about 10 to 15 minutes ahead and class time to make sure you have time to meet your instructor and prepare for class. You will want to wear athletic attire with clear tennis shoes, no jeans. You will want to bring a bottle of water, and most people will bring a towel. Please complete the online registration form prior to coming to class as this will help with making sure everything starts on time.

4. What type of classes do you offer?

At CJT Dream Dance we are excited to offer as many different classes and class options as possible. Combining both eastern and western dance methodologies and practices, we pride ourselves in bring a broad spectrum of exposure to the Greater Boston area.

Currently we offer two different attendance styles:

Drop In - With the drop in option you will be allowed access to the dance floor by paying a one time fee, which varies per class session/type, and is great for anyone who is looking to try the class without committing to a full session package.

DreamPackage - With the DreamPackage option students get the most out of CJT Dream Dance making sense for anyone looking to grow in their art or for that starting student who needs structure and repetition. The package starts on the first day you attend class.


Both of these options are GREAT for anyone who is just started or for a seasoned dancer looking to try something new! Refunds are only available on the 1st and 2nd class, on and after the 3rd class tuition is non-refundable; excludes medical issues.

4. Will I get to compete, is this mandatory?

CJT Dream Dance helps anyone who has a dream make that dream a reality. If your dream is to compete and win, we are going to provide you the opportunities to do so. If your dream is to learn a new art and enjoy peace, we are going to provide you the space to do so. If your dream is to perform, you guessed it, we are going to provide you a stage to do so. Whatever, within our power, we can do to help you be the most successful dancer, we are going to do.

We would love to hear about your dream and what you aspire to do with your student membership to CJT Dream Dance. Competition, classes, events, and galas are never mandatory but highly recommended to gain experience.

Email -

5. How can I help CJT Dream Dance?

Thank you so much for lending a hand! We are always grateful to all of our supporters, members, sponsors, family, friends, and the CJT Dream Team. Without all of your assistance, our dream would not be possible. Thank you.

If you wish to make a donation, please click here.

If you wish to become a volunteer, please click here.

If you wish to become an instructor or join the CJT Dream Team, please click here.

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