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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Summary

At CJT Dream Dance LLC, we take pride in our dedication to the protection of your privacy. In a world that is ever changing and how online or mobile data is used, policies such as this are critical to create mutual understanding between two parties. Our policy is designed to assure clear and concise procedures on what information we collect, how we hold that information, and your options about the use of this information.

CJT Dream Dance LLC’s privacy policy is applicable to website visitors, website subscribers, students, employees, parents, members, and partners both inside and outside of the United States. It applies across all of CJT Dream Dance branches to encompass our products and services we provide.

This policy also describes and abides to all privacy rights you have under certain federal law.


Information We Collect


Our team will have and use information provided when you interact with us, when you use our products and services, and when you visit our websites. This information is used to provide excellence in service, establish and maintain customer relationships, billing, online account security, and direct specific promotions and offers to you. By allowing us this we are able to monitor our website statistics, manage and protect your unique account profile, and keep information safe and secure from outside third parties.


Information collected will included, but is not limited to, your full name, email, address, phone number, interests, website visits, and location or IP address for submitted registration forms.


Information for Advertisement


CJT Dream Dance LLC and our third party advertisers (when applicable) seek to provide more relevant and unique ads to you and your interests. Technology currently in place on our website may potentially place cookies on your website browser, not your computer or mobile device; these cookies allow information to be collected about your activities on our website and mobile site for the purposes of record and maintenance.

We also share with our advertising team and our third-party advertisers general information about our company to target pertinent advertisements without identifying you individually.

Should you have further concern or questions about this part of the policy please contact us directly with the information below.


Information Sharing


CJT Dream Dance LLC shares information between it’s partners (owners of the company), and family of companies such as (Dream Project, and Dream Dance branches). You can limit our sharing of certain types of customer information, for marketing purposes by contacting us with the form below.


Note: Everything inside of this Privacy Policy is at the full power of our team, leadership, and agreements. CJT Dream Dance LLC does not sell, license, or share information that individually identifies our customers with third parties outside of you and CJT Dream Dance LLC, and those who do not work on our behalf without your consent. We may share information with our contractors, vendors, and partners for business purposes only and when necessary for them to perform the services to meet your needs. As part of any contract with our vendors, contractors, and partners there is a non-disclosure agreement protecting your rights further from improper data usage.


Information Security


CJT Dream Dance LLC has technical, legal, administrative, and physical firewalls and protections in place to prohibit and combat unauthorized access to, use or disclosure of the customer information we maintain. For additional information about this please contact us using the form below.


Information Updates


You may correct inaccuracies or concerns about the profile and customer information for you by contacting our customer service team, or by accessing your online account. You may also contact us with the form below to open an investigation and get information updated. We are dedicated to accuracy and your help in making that happen is critical to providing you the best that we have.


Privacy Policy Adaptations


CJT Dream Dance LLC holds the rights to identify necessary changes and amendments to the Privacy Policy in a timely matter as situations arise that do not meet our ethical or moral standards. When such changes occur our full discretion will be provided in fashion to our customers. If you choose to opt out of these notices, you may please let us know using the form below.

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