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Mia Chun Jou Tsai


“Using her body to convey and spread the beauty of Orient dance art and make a new dance road and style in the performing dance art field.”

-World Journal

Chun Jou Tsai (Dream/Mia), founder and director of CJT Dream Dance, is originally from Taiwan with extensive knowledge of dance performance, choreography, education and acting.

Ms. Tsai accepted full scholarship in 2010 to attend Case Western Reserve University MFA, master degree in Contemporary Modern Dance, where she continued to receive accolades for her work. Her dance training is based on Chinese dance, ballet, modern dance, improvisation, jazz, and so much more. She gained multi-diverse dance training and performing experiences in LanYang Dance Company during her young age. She is an international performer across a mass of destinations including Brazil, South Africa, Kagoshima, Tokyo of Japan, Alaska, New York, Los Angeles, South Carolina, New Jersey, Boston of USA, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai, Xiamen, Shenzhen of China.

She has received numerous awards for her choreography and performance since 2005. Excellence in choreography by Kelly Holt Award, The Cleveland Arts Prize by Lathryn Karpides scholarship in Mondern Dance and Excellence in performance by Edna Raphael Award as well as funding to attend the prestigious American Dance Festival in 2008 and 2011, and Vienna International Dance Festival (ImPulsTanz) in 2013.

After moving to Boston in 2013, she performed professionally as a modern dancer and guest choreographer for Urbanity Dance, Penumbra: Movement, Luminarium Dance and LCTC Dance Company with performances at Boston Contemporary Dance Festival (BCDF), APAP Showcase in NYC, Dance World Community (DWC), National Choreography Month, Outside the Box Art Festival, Summer in City, Fall Further IV at Dixon Place in NYC.

Ms. Tsai is also an independent choreographer and has founded DREAM PROJECT in 2014. The first DREAM PROJECT night-length work piloted on December 20th, 2014. In 2015, Ms. Tsai's work, DREAM PROJECT, was invited to perform in NYC SPARKS Dance Festival, YOUR MOVE Dance Festival in New Jersey and Dancing in Streets 2015 by Somerville Arts Council.


Her second night-length work, DREAM PROJECT II Luna Soul, primer on March 12th, 2016 which be selected in Feature: the Best in dance of 2016 by Arts Fuse and invited to Dance World Community (DWC) in 2016.


Chun Jou Tsai is one of few professional dance artist in the Boston area currently merging Asian traditional dance with Western contemporary forms. She passes on her deep knowledge and love of dance to her students each day as well as at the Chinese Folk Art Dance Workshop, Jia Yung Dance Troupe, Melody Dance, Winchester Dance Group, Century Chinese School Dance, Natick Dance Group, Chelmsford Dance Group and Lexington Chinese Dance Group.

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