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Dream Dance

Chun Jou Tsai has been an active member of the Boston area dance community and seeks to present and promote the beauty of Eastern and Western dance. CJT Dream Dance takes modern dance and Chinese dance as the spindle, combined with other elements to enrich the quality of dance.

Some would say that a dream is just a dream, but with Chun Jou Tsai that dream is real. While actively teaching and performing, step by step, CJT Dream Dance came to life.

With the help of family, friends, and everyone in between Dream Dance has had the opportunity to grow and become a center of excellence for Eastern and Western dance and so many other art forms.

The foundation is grounded upon three main trunks, Dream Dance, Dream Project, and Dream Studios.

Thank you for visiting, please let us know if you have absolutely any questions.

”Dream is striking - Chun Jou Tsai innovates a new way in dance.“

-World Journal

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