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About Dream Project I:

the dream project 

Saturday, December 20, 2014 @ 8pm

An evening of dance choreographed by

Chun Jou Tsai

Artists for Dream Project I

An original work choreographed by Chun Jou Tsai. The dance work is about visualizing the beauty of Chinese calligraphy in a Buddhist poem using traditional Chinese long-sleeves dance technique with Western improvisational modern dance technique. This poem, when loosely translated, reflects the sentiments felt by many pursuing any kind of dream: just when you feel the most hopeless and defeated about your hard work is when you have to keep striving towards your goal, like a plum blossom breaking through the first snow of winter.  The concept for the concert is a fusion of contemporary modern and traditional Chinese dance that visualizes the calligraphy of a classic Buddhist poem. Ms. Tsai's choreography seamlessly blends improvisational and long sleeves techniques to create imagery that is alternately fluid and sharp.

“The Dream Project” combines traditional Chinese long-sleeves dancing, contemporary dance and video art to create a truly unique portrait of Tsai’s artistic growth.” By Arick Wong, Sampan News


“In a more literal sense, the Chinese characters in the poem are displayed in the visual backdrop, as dancers attempt to write out the characters with their movements.” By Arick Wong, Sampan News


“The beauty, yet difficulty, of Tsai's choreographic style stems from its breath of quick staccato foot and hand gestures to its luxuriant full-bodied twists and rolls through the spine.” by Merli V. Guerra, Arts in Motion

“While all technically strong, most lacked the emotional and physical clarity that makes Tsai such an intense force on stage.” by Merli V. Guerra, Arts in Motion


“Similarly, the solo reached a heightened level of emotional and physical endurance."  “It's not often we see such high-caliber performers and attention to detail in a debut performance such as this one.” by Merli V. Guerra, Arts in Motion


“If her work continues to progress from here, Tsai promises to become another leading voice in the Boston arts scene.” by Merli V. Guerra, Arts in Motion

Tickets Purchase at

Saturday, December 20, 2014 @ 8pm

Green Street Studio

185 green street, Cambridge, MA 02141

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