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It's All About You!

We made it! With your dedication, support, and drive CJT Dream Dance was able to have a successful 2018 year. Thank you!

With pride, we are excited to bring to your 2019 new year our dedication to your success as our student. Here is a highlight of everything we accomplished in 2018.

A year in review:

Throughout 2018 - CJT Dream Dance was humbled by its awards for multiple DreamSolo students who are dedicated to their art. Including stunning performances by our DreamAdults and DreamPop dance groups.

February 2018 - With the coordination of the CJT Dream Project, CJT Dream Dance Studio was born.

June 2018 - In cooperation with the beautiful community of the Greater Boston Area, CJT Dream Dance hosted its first annual Summer Showcase - A Dance in Bloom.

July 2018 - CJT DreamNews was launched and is still a work in progress, but getting better!

August 2018 - CJT Dream Dance launched it's first annual Summer Camp!

November 2018 - CJT Dream Dance announced our official board of directors, and we are looking forward to everything that we have to bring to you to make transactions simple, classes fun, and success grand!

December 2018 - CJT Dream Dance enhanced it's social media presence in unification to provide clear, concise, and entertaining communications to you.

It was a year of building, and while there is work to be done, your support is what drives us. Thank you!


For 2019 our focus continues to be on you.

It's All About You!

Here are a few key items to note:

CJT Dream Dance is getting an update!

Welcome to the new CJT Dream Dance Member Site!

Log in today using the email you registered!

(Located above the search box.)

Updates to come, as this is your central hub for everything CJT Dream Dance! Updates made almost daily.

We have made corrections to our Customer Agreement and Privacy Policy. Please familiarize yourself and ask questions should you have any concerns.

As a bonus for the New Year - We are eliminating the $30.00 registration fee for all registrations moving forward. Woohoo!

Sign Up Today!


Best Wishes,

Kurtis S. Huffaker

CJT Dream Dance LLC Director of Operations

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